ideas and tips for a Coasy-eco-friendly house !

Here you can find advice about our natural products for your house and your garden.

  • Sodium bicarbonate (food grade and technical)
  • Soda crystals (Sodium carbonate)
  • Oxygen Bleach
  • Diatomaceous earth (amorphous)
  • Citric acid

Sodium Bicarbonate (food grade)

Baking Soda food grade by Naturasphere


Sodium Bicarbonate car be used:


To wash fruits and vegetables by soaking them in 1L of water mixed with 1 tea spoon of Sodium Bicarbonate.


As a baking powder by adding 1 teaspoon for 500gr of flour


For Deodorising and cleaning brushes. Soak them in 1l of warm water mixed with 1 teaspoon.


To apply as a natural deodorant



… and for many other uses ... !


Sodium Bicarbonate (technical grade)

Baking soda technical grade by Naturasphere

Technical Sodium Bicarbonate can be used to perfect the effectiveness of laundry detergents by simply adding a tablespoon in your washing machine. 


It removes unpleasant odors in the fridge (put 200 gr on a small plate).


And deodorises shoes.


Works also as an anti-fungal powder.


By spreading the baking soda all over your furniture and leave it to work overnight, you can effectivly clean your carpets and Sofas. Just remember to hoover them the next morning.




soda Crystals

Soda ash uses by Naturasphere

Can be used as a detergent and a dishwasher product.


Unclog sink pipes by pouring very hot water in the sink and adding  2 tablespoons of soda crystals.


You can clean your floors by mixing 1 tablespoon in 1 L of hot water


Soda crystals are also very usefull in a lot of cleaning DIY recipes



Read the instructions carefully before handling

Always use gloves and a mask when handling. Before use do a test on a small hidden surface.

Sodium percarbonate (oxygen bleach)

Sodium percarbonate uses by naturasphere

Keep your laundry white and clean


To Remove stains (mud, fruit, sweat...) simply soak your laundry in warm water with two tablespoon overnight, then rinse and wash the next day.


Keep the laundry white by adding a tablespoon in the washing machine (beware of colored linen and wool)


 Wash and disinfect washable diapers



Read the instructions carefully before handling

Always use gloves and a mask for handling. Before use, do a test on a small hidden surface.

Citric acid

Citric acid uses by Naturasphere

To cook : preservative, acidifier, antioxidant…


 Natural descaler : kettle, coffee maker, bathroom…


 Rustproof :  4 tablespoon in 1l of water


 Anti-moss for terrace : recipes is coming soon ;-)



Ingredient of many DIY recipes (tablets, dish washer detergent, bath bomb…)

diatomaceous earth (amorphous and food grade)

Diatomaceous earth uses by Naturasphere

Absorbs odors and liquids


Increases litter durability (dogs, cats, hens…)


Soft abrasive for delicate surfaces


Helpfull against pests